| 11.06.2019

Art and creativity for the festivities of 110 years at Hanken

The latest issue of the Hanken Magzine is out, with a new design! Read about how you can tackle workplace bullying, and what art and creativity has to do with education in a business school.

This year Hanken celebrates 110 years with creativity as theme for the festivities. Around Hanken’s main building in Helsinki, the walls are decorated with artworks from Nordic Contemporary Art Collection, NoCo. Rector Karen Spens hopes that the art exhibit will inspire questions and open discussions amongst students and staff.
“The traditional image of a business school is something to consider. What is our role in society? We can be the place where you think a little differently”, says Spens.
Read also about how workplace bullying affects both the working environment and the health of the person subjected to it, and how you tackle bullying according to Hanken Professor Denise Salin, whose research area is workplace bullying.
“The preventive action is the most effective. It’s like going to the dentist: if you feel uncomfortable about it and put off going to the dentist it gets worse and need bigger actions to take care of the problem. It’s the same with bullying – we should not hesitate, but immediately when we realize something is wrong we should fix it, because you need lesser actions the earlier you intervene”, says Salin.
The new issue of the Hanken Magazine coming to you on Wednesday 12 June. You can read the magazine online here.  

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