| 12.02.2020

Alumni want to engage with Hanken

Hankens flaggor vajar i vinden mot en blå himmel med lite moln.
A clear majority of Hanken’s alumni think that Hanken is developing in the right direction, according to the latest alumni survey. Many commented on Hanken’s international cooperation, good connection with alumni and the corporate world, as well as the high standard of events.

Hanken’s alumni are highly interested in engaging, as almost 70 percent of the respondents have engaged with Hanken, and the interest for future engagement reaches over 90 percent.

Alumni are interested in being mentors for students and acting as guest lecturers for students. Alumni can apply to become mentors at hanken.fi/becomeamentor and can express interest guest lectures on their alumni page.

Almost all respondents expressed interest in events at Hanken. Especially prominent speakers and the latest research at Hanken attract to larger alumni events, along with meeting and mingling with other alumni is as an important factor for participating.

According to the survey, the optimal time for events are evenings and afternoons. There is a demand for more events that are international.

The Alumni Letter is most popular

Of the different means of communication, the monthly alumni newsletter was clearly the most popular. The Hanken Magazine was the second most popular options, before social media and the web.

Hanken’s alumni are interested in hearing about upcoming alumni events and open events, as well as news from Hanken. LinkedIn is the most popular channel within social media when communicating with alumni.

Hanken has alumni groups in both LinkedIn and Facebook, with content specifically aimed at alumni. In the groups, alumni can also share information with each other.

The survey is conducted every three years

The survey is conducted every three years among Hanken’s alumni to analyse what the alumni population thinks of Hanken and the different alumni activities at Hanken. The latest survey was conducted in the end of 2019. Alumni showed high engagement and a record number of 477 alumni answered the survey.  

65 percent of the respondents to the survey had enrolled at Hanken in 2001 or later. Around 60 percent or the respondents live in the Helsinki-region, 18 percent outside of Finland, 14 percent in the Vaasa region and 5 percent from the rest of Finland.

Hanken is very thankful for the record number of responses and the valuable feedback received from alumni. We continuously develop the offering of interesting alumni activities that further strengthens the alumni network, and aim at increasing engagement in the future! 

Please contact Alumni Coordinator, Mira Aarnivuo, (mira.aarnivuo@hanken.fi) if you have any questions regarding the survey.



Some upcoming events are:

Hanken Finance Day in Helsinki 1 April

International Alumni Day in Brussels 15 May

Homecoming day “Hankendagen” in Vaasa 2 October