| 03.02.2020

Alumni stories: “Our breakfast network has become an event concept in Ostrobothnia”

Michaela Finne står i en dörröppning.
Michaela Finne is an alumna who works as a creative consultant for her own company. The best thing about her job is that it is full of variety.

Michaela Finne started her own company a couple of years ago. She describes herself as a creative consultant. Her assignments often consist of creating content for different companies for their Instagram and Facebook channels, planning and organising events and holding lectures about different aspects of marketing.

“I mostly lecture about digital marketing and trademark building, but also about event marketing, that is how you plan, organize and carry through successful events, both in reality and on social media”, says Finne.

She is also committed to a network called Frukostflickorna (the Breakfast Girls). It is a network created by Finne herself and consists of women of all ages. The members of the network meet once or multiple times each month during events that are about inspiration and knowledge, mingling, good feeling and goodie bags.

“The breakfast network ‘Frukostflickorna’ has become an event concept in Ostrobothnia”, Finne says with a laugh.

Every day is different

Michaela Finne’s work is full of variety. She combines office work, which is about answering e-mails, creating content, planning and organising for upcoming events by attending meetings and performing on stage. When this interview took place in October 2019 she had done a little of everything during the past month.

“As usual, I have created a lot of content for different social media channels. I have arranged quite a lot of different events with Frukostflickorna. I have been the Master of Ceremonies during fashion shows. I’ve been on a work trip to Helsinki, where I received at the 4H organization’s award, 4H Heart, for following my heart in everything I do, which made me happy”.

According to Finne, the best thing about her work is that every day is different from the next. She also appreciates being able to decide how to dedicate her time, and that she has the possibility to meet many people in her job.

Michaela Finne graduated from Hanken in Vaasa in 2014, with marketing as a major. The interview with her is from the Hanken Magazine No 3/2019. Photo: Nelly Björkholm