| 08.07.2020

Admission results for Hanken’s Swedish BSc programme have been published

This year Hanken admits in total 305 new students to the Swedish BSc programme in Helsinki and Vaasa. That amounts to 55 more students than in 2019.

This year the admission through the Open University set a new record - 60 students in total will begin their studies at Hanken in the autumn 2020. These students have successfully completed Open University courses at Hanken during the past academic year.

Hanken has also, for the first time, offered admission to ten new BSc students based on exceptional merits. This admission process entails that applicants have to prove that they have attained on an international level a merit within areas such as sports, arts or entrepreneurship, as well as good grades from their secondary education.

All newly-admitted BSc students Hanken in Helsinki and Vaasa, are offered their place of study through the national portal studyinfo.fi. The list of new students will be available on Hanken’s web as of 16 July.

For additional information:ansokan@hanken.fi