LEAN Library

LEAN Library - off-campus access to licensed e-resources

When you are off-campus, you can use the LEAN Library extension to read electronic journal articles and other online material provided by Hanken Library without having to visit the library website, the libguides or Hanna first.

The browser extension requires a ‘once only’ installation process of two mouse clicks on your laptop or PC:
1. Download the extension at leanlibrary.com/download
2. Select “Hanken School of Economics”

LEAN Library will let you know when you are on a website the library has access to, by notifying you with a Hanken pop-up.

LEAN library popup image

LEAN Library also provides alternative legal routes to full-text articles and databases when you hit barriers. The extension will automatically search for open versions of the article or provide a link to the library’s ordering service.

For those of you who are connected to another university, there is also the possibility of adding access to their electronic resources.

Mail your questions and comments about LEAN Library to library@hanken.fi