Bachelor's Studies

Bachelor Studies in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility

Bachelor's studies at Hanken require knowledge of Swedish. The degree is a three year programme with 180 ECTS credits. Please see the Swedish pages for further information.

You can only choose Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility as a minor for your bachelor’s degree.

Please note that you need to have 30 ECTS relevant studies completed  for being allowed to choose Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility as your major for your master’s degree.

  • Min. 25 ECTS (introduction course is not included)
  • Language: Swedish
  • Degree: Ekonomie kandidat
  • Mandatory courses: Företagslogistik & Corporate Sustainability
  • Remaining courses can be chosen from Hanken's Bachelor level course list or Arcada's course selection (see below)
  • International Trade 5 ECTS                    
  • Purchasing 5 ECTS         
  • Forwarding 5 ECTS        
  • Business Systems in Logistics 5 ECTS                             
  • Warehousing and Optimisation 5 ECTS                         
  • Supply Chain Management 5 ECTS
  • Environmental Logistics 10 ECTS (spring)
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging 5 ECTS (spring)

Please note that courses can change each academic year. If you are interested to take courses at Arcada, please contact

The mail should include a transcript of records showing that you have completed the basic course in logistics.