Completed projects

Information about CERS projects that have been completed.

Brand New

The Brand New-project aims at developing a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to understand dynamic construction of corporate brand image from the perspectives of personnel, customers and management.

With the dynamic, constructive and multilevel approach on corporate and personal brand image researchers will challenge traditional top down view on brand management both in business practice and scientific debate. Conceptual models, methods and means are developed for companies and organizations in order to support their understanding on corporate identity and image construction from different perspectives and to modify their value promise to enhance competitiveness and business renewals.

The multidisciplinary consortium consists of researchers from VTT, Aalto ARTS and Hanken with international partners. The participating organizations include RTV Yhtymä, Skanska, Workspace, Tapiolan Lämpö, Kiinteistötyönantajat and Isännöintiliitto. The project started in the beginning of 2015 and will finish in the end of September 2018.

Project book "Brändin jalanjälki voimavarana".

For more information:

Anne Rindell, (PhD) Associate Professor



InnoVäxthus is a project aimed at implementing demand-driven production in Ostrobothnia's greenhouse complex. The project is led by Senior Scientist Irene Vänninen from the Natural Resources Institute of Finland, and it started in 2016.

CERS Hanken contributes the project with theoretical models about customers' mental models, i.e. Customer Dominant Logic. Using participatory methodologies based on activity theory and Change Laboratory, the project aims at identifying the core problems of the Ostrobothnian greenhouse industry and developing solutions for them.

During the first year of the project, the Change Laboratory was run at the level of the supply chain of greenhouse vegetables to involve all relevant activity systems in problem formulation and developmental activities. The two last years are used in launching and executing developmental projects aimed at the identified challenges. The main idea of the project is to try to adjust innovations to the core problems experienced in the industry, instead of the traditional innovation activity that is based on established, traditional roles in an innovation system. 

The project strives for example to develop smaller greenhouses that now are having difficulties competing with traders producing traditional crops like tomatoes and cucumbers in bulk, by instead producing so-called niche products such as broccoli, eggplant and pak choi, to achieve the highest profitability per product. In the focus of development of small greenhouses is understanding their customers.

InnoVäxthus is a project owned by the Ostrobothnian Swedish Producer Organization (ÖSP) and funded by the Ostrobothnian Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The project was running in 2016-2019.

More information: Professor Kristina Heinonen, kristina.heinonen(at)

CERS Hanken team: Lecturer in Marketing, DSc. (Econ.) Åke Finne, Professor Kristina Heinonen, Professor Emeritus Tore Strandvik.



HUVA-project tackles the hardest problem companies are faced with today: how to enable and motivate people to perform in the fierce market environment?

Human Being and Value in the Sixth Wave

Some new digital industries have invented interesting and innovative ways to boost and empower their people by breaking barriers of hierarchical and silo-based industrial order. Our traditional industries could gain greatly from these novel practices in their search for better performance. This project aims at building the connection between these two worlds and helping thus traditional industries in Finland to thrive in the new socio-economic era.

Via cross disciplinary researcher teams, the project combines international expertise from Futures Research, Marketing, Social Psychology, Customer Relationship Management, Service Development and Innovation, and Consumer Behavior.

Participating companies in HUVA:  ReaktorKoneStora Enso

The project will be run in the Finland Futures Research Centre Helsinki Office under the umbrella of University of Turku, Turku School of Economics.

Part of the project will be done at Hanken, the Swedish School of Economics at the Center for Relationship Management and Service Marketing.

(Prof. Kristina Heinonen, PhD Minna Pura, M. Sc. Mary Meinander)