Hankenstudenter på sommargård
An accounting education provides a solid basis for a career in business,such as a CPA –auditor, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), chief accountant or financial analyst.

Research and education at both Hanken sites in Helsinki and Vasa has an international orientation. Our faculty has good contacts to business life as well as to international universities. We offer a large selection of bachelor and master courses and cooperate with the accounting department at Aalto University School of Business.

Our faculty is involved in various management education programs. The doctoral program is integrated in form of common courses with other doctoral programs in accounting in Finland.


On an average, one doctoral student per year graduates and we expect this trend to continue. Our research covers areas such as international accounting, earnings management, auditing, corporate governance and profit center management, including Activity Based Management (AMB).

Kim Ittonen,
Head of Subject, Accounting