23120 Contemporary Branding, 5 cr

Advanced studies
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Course Description: 

Brands and branding have endured for centuries. At their best, brands allow consumers to reduce risk, simplify decisionmaking, and achieve personal benefits. However, creating and managing brands is as difficult as ever, if not impossible.
Therefore, a thorough customer understanding is needed. Moreover, consumers have become empowered, the technology changes rapidly, new media emerge, and even environmental threats have to be considered. The course will explore the latest developments in customer understanding within branding research, including brand relationships, the time dimension in branding, corporate and image heritage as well as ethical branding.
The course can be taken as part of the Study Module in Corporate Responsibility.

Learning Goal: 

You have a thorough understanding of contemporary branding issues like brand relationships, heritage dimensions, ethical branding, and how they impact on businesses and consumers.

After completing the course, you will be able to: 
  • evaluate branding vocabulary and models from the organizational vs. consumer perspective
  • understand how customer logic impacts on branding and brand relationships
  • analyze branding strategies and give recommendations to companies due to contemporary branding issues and customer empowerment
  • present your ideas on contemporary branding issues impact both orally and verbally.
International Learning Experience: 

nternational learning material
International guest lecturers
International cases during lectures
Compulsory inter-cultural group work


A Bachelor's degree is required for all students. Knowledge of marketing equivalent to basics in marketing or branding.

Total Student Workload: 

134 hours divided into
Scheduled hours: 24h
Non-scheduled work: 110h


Lectures and discussions in class
Guest lectures

The first introductory lecture and all guest lectures are compulsory and cannot be compensated.

Literature and Course Material: 

Articles, research and case material max. 300 pages (60h). To be announced.


Written exam
Discussions in class

Equivalent Courses: 

Students who have completed the earlier course Contemporary Branding (8 ECTS, course code 23047) cannot take this course.

Non-degree studies (Open University, JOO and Contract Studies): 

Open university quota: 3
Quota for JOO-students: 3