Virtual Business Lab

Hanken Business Lab virtual meetup
Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, most of our daily interactions have completely shifted to the digital world. In light of this shift caused by the outbreak, Virtual Business Lab - Meetup was created. The Weekly Virtual Meetup is a concept that aims to provide the community spirit of the Hanken Business Lab in a digital setting.


Every Wednesday at 15:00 we host a Microsoft Teams session where inspiring new concepts and ideas from the community are discussed. The purpose of the meetups is to keep up the strong community spirit Hanken Business Lab is known for, even though we are not enabled to meet in person for the time being. The themes of the sessions change on a weekly basis and everyone is more than welcome to partake in the discussions. If you are interested to join the weekly meetup (every Wednesday at 15:00) you can do so by simply joining the session from the link below.

Hanken Virtual Business Lab - Meetup, every Wednesday at 15:00:…