Hanken Partner Week with Fazer: Towards Perfect Days with Fazer (career panel)

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Listen in on this interesting career panel, where you will hear from different professionals at Fazer! The panel will be in a roundtable format and you will hear from three Fazer professionals, of which two are Hanken alumni.

These three are true professionals in their fields of finance, marketing and people&transformation. The roundtable will be facilitated by Jenni Gallagher, Vice President, Human resources at Fazer Confectionery & Group Talent Management:

Joakim Köhler, Director, Group M&A and Strategy
Rasmus Bange, Head of Chocolate
Anne Leikas, Director, Talent Management & Acquisition

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Fazer has saved some time for a mindfullness/wellness moment in the beginning of the panel :)

Ps. During the meeting Fazer will share a -20% discount code to their Fazer web store (https://fi.fazer.com/)!