Members of the Research Council and the Education Council

The members of the Research Council and the Education Council together form the Academic Council.

The members of the Research Council and the Education Council are appointed by the University Collegium on proposal by the departments, the language centre and the Rector after hearing the university community and the Student union.

The Rector has appointed Dean David Grant as chair and information specialist Margareta Danielsson as secretary of the Research Council, and Dean Sören Kock as chair and study secretary Marika Finne as secretary of the Education Council. The Academic Council, consisting of the Research and Education Councils together, is chaired by the Rector with quality manager Tove Ahlskog-Pursiainen as secretary.

Members of the councils:

Research Council


David Grant

Professor / department (substitute)


Accounting and Commercial Law

Nari Lee (Kim Ittonen)

Finance and Economics     

Rune Stenbacka (Eva Liljeblom)

Management and Organisation

Sören Kock (Mats Ehrnrooth)


Peter Björk (Kristina Heinonen)

Two members representing group 2

Jennie Sumelius (Emma Nordbäck)


Jesper Haga (Dennis Sundvik)

One representative for PhD Students 

Theo Herold (Helleke Heikkinen)


Education Council


Sören Kock

Representative / subject (substitute)



Kim Ittonen (Eva Ström)

Commercial Law

Matti Kukkonen (Nari Lee)


Staffan Ringbom (Ari Hyytinen)

Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation

Joakim Wincent (Tom Lahti)


Karl Felixson (Benjamin Maury)

Management and organisation

Janne Tienari (Mats Ehrnrooth)


Kristina Heinonen (Annika Ravald)

Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility

Gyöngyi Kovacs (Nikodemus Solitander)

One representative for Center for Languages and
Business Communication

Sofia Stolt (Margit Breckle)

Three representatives for students

Emilie Winqvist (Pia Blomqvist)


Ville Ruokonen (Mats Welander)


Elsa Kuula (Theresa Forsskåhl)