Office of Studies and Admissions

The Office of Studies and Admissions is responsible for and develops the processes for admissions, as well as studies and teaching at all levels. The Office consists of admissions services, student services, support to the teaching, the Open University of Hanken, and the department secretaries.


The Office of Studies and Admissions is responsible for:

• communication with applicants, preparing and implementing admission criteria, the admissions databases, and preparing and executing admission decisions;

• introduction to the studies, study guidance and follow-up of the degree requirements, arranging exams, and the graduation process;

• the administration of contract studies, non-degree studies, continuous learning and the Open University of Hanken;

• the planning process for studies and teaching, the study register, pedagogical support for the teaching, and the quality processes and follow-up regarding learning outcomes and evaluation of the education;

• the administrative support at the departments.


contact information; (for all study related matters) and (for admission and student reqruitment matters), for verification of degree certificates and studies