| 17.10.2019

Sustainability-in-action team challenge: week 6

Sustainability challenge
Hanken is launching an 8-week sustainability challenge and competition. The challenge will run from 9 September to 3 November.

Sustainability challenge

Many of us at the library are diligent and capable gardeners and use sustainable gardening methods. Vegetables, fruits, and berries produced in a sustainable garden is rich in both nutrients and taste! We often share our harvests, toil and joy at the library. These sharing moments are always warm and memorable. The apples in the picture are from an apple garden, a model of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). We also have tried to recycle and reuse disposed apparel and textiles. The two cushions in the picture are made of worn T-shirts. They immediately give a beauty with home-made closeness and comfort.

Sustainability challenge

(left to right) Events feedback meeting -Sustainable meeting culture with Skype and also developing our events to be more sustainable.
Developing the partner programme-Adding a new partner level “community partner” (stay tuned for more information from corporate relations team)


The greenest office is no office at all. Remote work means no commute and less emissions (by Data centre team)

During the 8 weeks, teams will be challenged to capture photos of sustainability in action! The pictures will then be shared on the internal web and Hanken’s weekly newsletter. Finally, an exhibition will be created out of all the pictures and displayed during the 2nd Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) week between 19 to 26 November in Helsinki and Vaasa. All the staff members will be able to vote for the best picture(s) and the winning team will receive a small sustainable prize.

Teams challenged for next week are: Centret för språk och affärskommunikation-Centre for Languages and Business Communication, Study affairs/Studiebyrån, and Internationella ärenden/International Affairs. We them luck with their sustainable mission!