| 01.07.2020

Hanken’s summer podcast talks about the economy, life and the time around the corona pandemic

Hankens rektor Karen Spens framför Hankens byggnad
This summer Hanken School of Economics will launch 15 exclusive episodes in a podcast series where researchers at Hanken talk about their research. The first episode is out 7.7.2020.

- It is important for us to reach out with our research and our results. With Hanken's summer podcast, we hope to be able to show that the research at a business school is relevant to society at large, both locally and globally, says rector Karen Spens.

Spens herself has recorded an episode where she talks about Hanken's transformation in the spring and which lessons can be learned from a leadership perspective.

In addition to Karen Spens, Peter Björk, Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Christian Grönroos, Sören Kock, Gyöngyi Kovács, Topi Miettinen, Charlotta Niemistö, Emma Nordbäck, Anu Norrgrann, Annika Ravald, Hanna Silvola, Nikodemus Solitander, Sofia Stolt and Torkel Tallqvist also speak in the podcast.

The experts explain for example how the corona pandemic affects their area of ​​expertise and how the economy and society might change after the crisis. The episodes are about 15 minutes long and are in Swedish, English or Finnish.

A list of the speakers with a link to each episode can be found here.

More information:

Camilla Wardi
Head of Corporate Relations and Outreach