| 26.09.2017

Hanken and Miltton launch pioneering course in sustainable branding

Developing Sustainable Brands brings together students with companies that have sustainability and purpose at the core of their brand.

The overall aim of the course is to develop, support and create tomorrow’s professionals with a broad expertise in sustainability, communication and branding. The students gain knowledge about and tools for how organisations can build stakeholder relations and contribute to a sustainable society.The course is planned and delivered in collaboration with the communications group Miltton. With the support from Hanken’s faculty, the students work on actual company challenges and learn to deploy core theories on sustainability practices. Miltton contributes with their long experience in sustainability practices, leadership and communication. Throughout the course, the students work closely with Alko, Finnair, Kesko, Neste, and Wärtsilä."After the course, the students will have a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to the development of sustainable brands as well as how a company’s sustainability strategy and branding are interlinked", says Johanna Gummerus, Associate Professor in marketing.Miltton Group is a leading expert on CSR communication and a forerunner in supporting companies in sustainability and branding."We see this course as an opportunity to develop a new generation of business students who are able to identify, analyse and reflect on sustainability related challenges and issues as well as can see an opportunity in strategic brand building", says Susanna Saikkonen, Senior Advisor, Sustainability at Miltton.The course will run through September-November. Events and progress can be followed through the hashtag: #SustainableBrandsMore information:Johanna Gummerus, johanna.gummerus@hanken.fi