| 18.05.2016

Doctoral thesis: Understanding knowledge creation and work practices key to successful information tools

M.Soc.Sc. Annikki Roos defends her doctoral thesis in Information systems science.

Annikki Roos thesis, “Understanding information practices in biomedicine: a domain analytical approach” studies the information practices of researchers in the scientific domain of biomedicine. Roos’ aim is to understand the special nature of information-related work and practices as a part of the biomedical research work.- Understanding the knowledge creation processes and work practices in the biomedical domain, facilitates setting up efficient tools for information search and advantageous information related services for biomedical researchers and increases the success of the efforts, Roos argues.In her thesis, Roos uses a domain analytical approach, which is an alternative to models that try to identify similarities in patterns of seeking and the use of information across the research domains.In information science, the study of information practices is quite a new research orientation as well as having biomedicine as a study object and using activity theory as a theoretical research frame.- Activity theory turned out very helpful when I wanted to understand researchers´ information practices thoroughly, in the context. It is surprising that it has been used quite seldom in information science and information systems science, Roos notes.M.Soc.Sc. Annikki Roos defends her doctoral thesis in Information systems science: ”Understanding Information Practices in Biomedicine: A Domain analytical approach” Friday, 20 May 2016Date and time: 20.5.2016, kl. 12
Plats: Futurum, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki
Opponent: Professor Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee
Custos: Associate Professor Turid Hedlund, Hanken School of EconomicsA copy of the thesis can be downloaded via this link: 
http://hdl.handle.net/10138/161539 For more information, please contact:Annikki Roos
+358 50 351 3036