Hanken's Strategy 2030 focuses on high-quality research and education, internationalisation, strong corporate connections, and sustainability. All activities are characterised by the Nordic values of equality, openness and integrity.

Hanken's Strategic Framework

Hanken’s strategic framework consists of three main elements:

The long-term strategy Hanken 2030 sets the strategic objectives for Hanken. The mission defines Hanken’s core purpose and the vision defines Hanken’s long-term goals. The strategic profile forms the basis for Hanken’s activities.

The substrategies define the long-term strategy more explicitly in the selected areas of Research, Teaching and Learning, and Human Resources.

The short-term strategic action plan operationalises the long-term strategy and the sub-strategies for a four-year time period. The short-term strategic action plan includes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are continuously monitored by the Board and by which development is measured.

To support the strategies, Hanken has a Language Policy and a Quality Policy.

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Hankens helhetsstrategi 2030

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