"What do you think?" Collaborative and Cross-disciplinary Seminars

CCR, GODESS and HUMLOG warmly welcome you to join our joint-seminars!


Keywords: cross-disciplinary research, collaboration, research interests, exchanges, positivity

poster_for_joint_seminar_v4.jpgEach seminar, arranged two or three times per semester, consists of three presentations of around 10 minutes each, followed by discussion of around 20 minutes. The purpose of these seminars is to offer a platform to exchange research ideas, interests, project funding, etc. related to the topic areas of the three research centres. Presenters are encouraged to present early-stage research plan in order to receive some valuable feedback and encouragement. 

To keep the dialogue going and energy levels high, the seminar will provide delicious sandwiches!

Bring your smile and be ready to indulge in high quality exchange of knowledge! 



Welcome to the next "What do you think?" Seminar!

To be held on Tuesday January 29 2019 from 10:30 to 12:00

Auditorium Ground Floor (Arkadia Building) - Hanken School of Economics

Presenters at this 5th iteration of the "What do you think?" seminars are:

  • Susanna Kallio (Commercial Law): Gender and Intellectual Property
  • Wojciech Piotrowicz (Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility): Drones in Humanitarian Aid
  • Maria Sandberg (Marketing): Topic to be confirmed

The seminars are open to everyone but registration is mandatory. Please go here to register.

Hope to see you there!


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A "What do you think?" workshop about joint funding applications

will be arranged on Tuesday May 28.

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