| 25.03.2021

Towards carbon neutrality - walking the talk!

This spring Hanken has taken some concrete steps towards making the vision of a carbon neutral Hanken 2030 a reality. These include joining the Climate leadership coalition, adopting responsible investment principles for investments and appointing a sustainability group.

Earlier this month, Hanken joined the Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC). CLC is the largest non-profit climate business network in Europe. CLC was founded in 2014 by Finnish companies Fortum, Kone, Neste, St1, Outotec, Caverion and Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund.

“Hanken has committed to take action towards climate change. Being a member of CLC extends that commitment and provides us with a great opportunity to participate in climate policy development on a Nordic, EU, and global level. As an academic member, Hanken can contribute with research expertise and thereby support CLC’s goals and strategies’’, says Rector Karen Spens.

Hanken’s Board approved a renewed policy for financial investments on 3 February 2021. This formalises the commitment towards sustainable investing, which is in line with Hanken’s strategy to strive for carbon neutrality in 2030 and to integrate sustainability in all its activities.

On 8 March 2021, Rector Karen Spens also appointed a sustainability group to lead Hanken’s ambition towards carbon neutrality. The group is responsible for devising a carbon neutrality roadmap for Hanken.

‘’While sustainability and social responsibility are already part of Hanken’s ethos and strategy 2030, we are delighted to initiate this group to bring together research knowledge and sustainability expertise from across Hanken into one forum to better achieve our sustainability ambitions’’, says David Grant, Dean of Research and Societal impact at Hanken and chair of the group.

Recently, Hanken Support foundation also decided to offset emissions generated from foundation sponsored travelling, covering both staff and student mobility.

“The Hanken Support Foundation supports Hanken’s efforts to be a forerunner among universities and business schools in incorporating environmental, social and good governance principles in all its activities. We at the foundation also want to contribute by this new initiative”, says Paul Taimitarha, ombudsman for the foundation.

More information:
Sanchi Maheshwari
Social responsibility coordinator
+358 50 468 7794