| 13.01.2017

Regular Service Breaks Monthly

When the Shibboleth system is updated, you cannot log in to most IT-systems. Moodle and other servers are updated at the same time. Microsoft servers the day before.

All IT-systems, and their servers, need regular service break for security updates and other system updates. All systems have their own timetable, and at Hanken it is usually once a month.Hanken updates usually happens monthly the second (sometimes the third) Thursday evening and Friday afternoon.

  • Microsoftservers and products are updated Thursday evening from  18:00- short breaks in file access to network drives and alike can then happen
  • Shibboleth, Moodle and other servers are updated Friday afternoon, usually from 14:00-
  • When Shibboleth is updated, you cannot log in to any system using Shibboleth - meaning most systems at  Hanken!
    A list of systems you find here
    When shibboleth etc is updated you can access Office 365, the file serversm, the wireless network etc.
  • The breaks will last at the most two hours, but often it can go faster.
  • Of course, if the security situation calls for it updates can be applied instantly, with only short warning.

The dates for updates are listed in the calender with the tag  "service break"The break in Shibboleth, web, e-mail services that happened during the night between12-13.1.2017 was due to cable work done by some operator.Read more about the regular service breaks under IT services.We regret the hazzle the service breaks causes you as a user.Computer Centre