| 13.10.2017

Inquiries about the new entrance exam

Next year Hanken joins the national admission to economic sciences in Finland. The entrance exam will also be renewed which raises questions not only among the applicants, but also among the companies arranging preparatory courses.

It’s of utmost importance that Hanken staff do not disclose any information about the entrance exam other than what is available on our website. This concerns both applicants and companies.The companies arranging preparatory courses are commercial actors, including the one owned by the Student Union at Hanken. The school cannot cooperate with these companies in any way, but it is allowed to answer their questions as if they were an applicant.The main points of the new admission process to the BSc programme

  • 60% of the new students are admitted based on their results in the matriculation examination and 40% based on the entrance examination
  • The entrance examination is based on three courses in upper secondary school. The test itself will consist of questions with multiple choice answers on an optical form.
  • There is a quota for admission through the Swedish national university aptitude test (Swe. Högskoleprovet).

More information (in Swedish):https://www.hanken.fi/sv/studier/sok-till-hanken/sok-till-kandidatutbildning/kandidatantagningen-2018