Doctoral Colloquium brought marketing academics together at Hanken

Doctoral Colloquium brought marketing academics together at Hanken

CERS had the honour to organize the bi-annual Doctoral Colloquium of Marketing at Hanken this week.

The two-day event started on Wednesday with welcoming words by Associate Professor Johanna Gummerus and Professor Veronica Liljander from CERS, Centre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management.johanna_veronica.jpg

The key note speakers, Associate Professor Jonas Holmqvist from Kedge Business School, France, and Professor Henrikki Tikkanen from Aalto University, opened up different views to how to make an international academic career. Holmqvist compared the Finnish and French academic systems, which inspired a lively discussion about different aspects in working abroad as an academic.


“The tutorials are always cosy and informal gatherings, collecting doctoral students and faculty from all over Finland”, says Veronica Liljander, one of the organisators, who has attended colloquiums regularly over the years. “We don’t have any special theme here because it is important that doctoral students can present their papers regardless of which area of marketing they are doing research in”, she adds.

feedback_to_ekaterina_panina.jpgAltogether 18 doctoral students, from the very beginners to the ones already preparing for the defence, presented their research in a tight two-day tutorial. The papers were commented on by tutors consisting of 28 senior faculty members from eight Finnish Universities. Every presentation gathered a vast audience and vivid conversations continued during the breaks. In addition to the paper presentations, doctoral students received individual career advice from experienced professors.

Johanna Gummerus worked hard to get everything ready. “The atmosphere was inspiring and real state of art research was presented. This is also an important place for young scholars to connect with their future colleagues. I know some of them have already talked about future collaboration which makes me glad”, she comments.


The national colloquium is an old tradition, sponsored by Kataja, the Finnish Doctoral Programme in Business Studies. The first tutorial was held in 1986, and the first Kataja courses were given in 1989. Many of the professors have attended Kataja courses and tutorials from the beginning, when they were doctoral students themselves, and they have continued to work on keeping the tradition alive. Participants praised the tutorial as an excellent tool for doctoral students to get feedback for their work in a nice and friendly, yet highly professional atmosphere.


At the end of the tutorial, it was announced that the next national Doctoral Colloquium in Marketing will be held in Vaasa, jointly organised by Vaasa University and Hanken.


Annamari Huovinen




1. Opening words by Veronica Liljander and Johanna Gummerus

2. A feedback session



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