| 28.05.2018

Can you hoax a bilingual person?

The next issue of the Hanken magazine includes an interview with professor Peter Matthews, expert in behavioural economy and has grown up surrounded by bilingualism in Quebec, Canada.

He shares with us an example of his hypotheses: You have two persons and tell one of them that he or she will get 10 euros to share with the other one. If the other one accepts your offer, both will get the share. If the other one doesn't accept the offer, both will lose the money altogether.- If I do this experiment in Swedish with a bilingual Swedish speaking Finn, he or she is more likely to decline a poor offer than if the same offer is made in Finnish. That is due to different parts of our brain being activated depending on which language is spoken, conlcludes Matthews.Hanken's centre for sompetence in humanitarian logistics, HUMLOG, celebrated its 10 anniversary. One of the key note speakers was Pekka Haavisto:– You don't always have to offer ready made solutions for beneficiaries.Sometimes the best things for beneficiaries are to be a part of the solution, to have a task, like for instance building a house for themselves with local material.Read about this and more in the next Hanken magazine, published on 30 May! 

HUMLOG fyllde 10 år