| 13.11.2017

Academy of Finland granted funding for the WeAll- research project

The WeAll research project focuses on sustainability, equality and diversity in work life. It is a collaboration between Hanken, Helsinki University and Jyväskylä University. The project will continue to at least 2021.

The Academy of Finland decided to continue funding the WeAll project with a 2.8 million euro research grant. This means that the WeAll project will continue at least until 2021.The project researchers at Hanken will focus on the intersections between life and work, wellbeing at work and inequalities inside organisations. The project also focuses on if these issues are addressed or neglected in organisations. The Hanken team consist of Assistant Professor Annamari Tuori, Professor Emeritus Jeff Hearn and Project Leader Charlotta Niemistö.Read more about the WeAll project here. 

WeAll Seminarium 2016.jpg

    Professor Emeritus Jeff Hearn talks at WeAll seminar at Hanken 24.11.2016