| 01.10.2019

Trainer’s House new Branding Partner

Miia Pieniniemi from Trainer's House, Hanken partner
Trainers’ House help companies through changes. Within the collaboration with Hanken, Trainers’ House can offer students part time jobs, among other things.

Trainers’ House is a new Hanken Branding Partner from the autumn 2019. It is a change company and helps its customers through changes.

”The changes can for example be about increasing sales, or implementing a new strategy”, says Miia Pieniniemi, Operations & Recruiting Manager at Trainer’s House.

The company has offices on several locations in Finland: Helsinki, Turku and Oulu, and in addition to that an office in Torrevieja in Spain.

Within the collaboration with Hanken, Trainers’ House can offer students mini coaching sessions, after-work events where the firm presents its work to students, but they can also offer part time jobs for students to work within sales and marketing.

”We are often looking for students that are interested in this line of business to work with our B2B sales. For those who are interested and want to develop, there are good possibilities to move forward in the company”, says Pieniniemi.

What motivated Trainers’ House to join Hanken’s Partner Program, was that Hanken is an interesting university for many reasons, says Pieniniemi.

”We have been looking for universities to collaborate with for a long time, and one of the things that make Hanken interesting is the language. We have many customers that are expanding in Sweden for example. Within these projects we have the need to recruit more bilingual people to our team”.


Miia Pieniniemi Trainers' House.jpg


Miia Pieniniemi is an Operations & Recruiting Manager at Trainers’ House, which is a new Hanken Branding Partner. Photo: Trainers' House.