| 10.02.2015

Professor Karen Spens Appointed Hanken’s New Rector

The Board of Hanken School of Economics has in its meeting on 10 February 2015 appointed Professor Karen Spens as new Rector for Hanken. Professor Spens will begin her five-year term of office on 1 August 2015.

Professor Spens earned her PhD from Hanken in 2001 and has, since 2007, been Professor of logistics and supply chain management, later supply chain management and social responsibility. Since 2010 Spens has been Dean of Education. In addition, she has also been Inspector of the Student Union since 2014.

According to the original plan, Hanken’s current Rector Eva Liljeblom will continue her term of office until 31 July 2015, after which she will return to her professorship in finance.

”During the past 10 years, Hanken has shown extremely positive development, especially as regards the research conducted. Much of this is thanks to Eva Liljeblom, who now wishes to return to full-time reserach. In Karen Spens Hanken will get a strong and experienced Rector with a solid academic background. I am convinced that by electing Spens, Hanken’s favourable development will be continued and secured”, says Chairman of the Board Björn Wahlroos.

Professor Karen Spens’ area of research is supply chain management and social responsibility, with focus on humanitarian logistics. With her colleague Gyöngyi Kovacs, Spens has founded HUMLOG (The Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute). They have also created the first academic journal in humanitarian logistics, of which Spens has also been co-editor.

”During Eva Liljeblom’s term of office, Hanken has developed into a strong and international business school as regards research and ties to the business community. It is a great honour for me to continue this work. Moreover, I wish to work for developing education and improving the study environment. Strong co-operation, both internally and externally, is the key to continued success, says Rector to be Karen Spens.