Peter Sarlin swims in financial dataflows

Peter Sarlin swims in financial dataflows

The next issue of the Hanken magazine includes an article about Hanken Professor of Practice Peter Sarlin and his research project concerning high frequency data analysis.

“Digging into High Frequency Data is a crossdisciplinary, transatlantic research project. We will analyse data under different periods of time, for example before, during and after the financial crisis.", says Peter Sarlin.

The annual Homecoming Day “Hankendagen” was celebrated 13.10.2017. During the day Henrik Dettmann shared his extensive leadership experiences as Head Coach of the bastket ball team.

"There is no real difference between coaching a sports team to success and leading a sales organisation to good results. It’s all about seeing the individuals and understand what makes them perform at their best", says Henrik Dettmann.

This and a lot more in the next issue of the Hanken magazine, published on 29 November!

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  Henrik Dettmann on "Hankendagen" 2017