Learning business communication with new film project

Learning business communication with new film project

The next issue of the Hanken magazine includes an article about how Hanken students will be learning business communication through a new film project.

The background of the project is that the teachers at Hanken noted that there is vast material about academic writing in Swedish, but almost nothing about business communication in Swedish.

– We want to teach students to handle concepts that they have learned in foreign languages when they are writing in Swedish, says Sofia Stolt.

Wärtsilä wants to revolutionize the shipping industry with the initiative An Oceanic Awakening, said Roger Holm from Wärtsilä Marine Solutions when he spoke during the Hanken Day:

– Shipping is the most environment friendly way to transport goods, but not many associate the shipping industry with green values.
Read about this and more in the next Hanken magazine, published on November 28th!