| 27.05.2021

Hanken students awarded for excellent academic achievements

Bukett med rosa rosor
Hanken has awarded students for excellent bachelor’s and master’s theses and good study performance. Each year, Hanken awards the best bachelor’s and master’s theses of the academic year as well as the prestigious honorary nomination Rector’s list, which is given to Hanken’s best performing master’s students.

The honorary nomination for the bachelor’s and master’s theses are appointed based on the thesis grade and awarded to the nine best bachelor’s and master’s theses. The Rector’s list honorary nomination is awarded annually, according to criteria for study performance, to Hanken’s ten best performing students. This year the Rector’s list nomination was exceptionally given to eleven students. The criteria for study performance include the number of registered present semesters, the amount of study credits and the average number of all courses.

Every year, the best performing bachelor students who go on exchange semesters are also recognized with honorary nominations. Thus, during this academic year, 16 students during the autumn and 17 students during the spring term were awarded for their pace of study in combination with good study performance.

You will find the list of recipients here!