Forskning och handledning

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Forskning och handledning


Hanken är en forskningsintensiv högskola, vilket betyder att forskningen utgör grunden för all vår verksamhet.


Bra handledning är viktigt för att komma igång med karriären efter doktorsexamen. På Hanken får du personlig, individuellt skräddarsydd handledning i bästa nordiska tradition. Alla våra handledare är erfarna, internationellt aktiva akademiker i framkanten av sina respektive forskningsområden. Du kan kontakta en examenshandledare i huvudämnet före du ansöker till forskarutbildningen för att diskutera dina planer och få information om forskningsinriktningen och forskarstudierna inom ämnet.

Vi frågade några av våra handledare om forskarstudier inom deras huvudämnen, nedan kan du läsa deras svar (på engelska):

gyongyi_kovacs.jpgGyöngyi Kovacs, Erkko Professor in Humanitarian Logistics:

We have a very active research group that organises doctoral courses and frequent research seminars for doctoral students in our major (Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility)... Read more


tore_strandvik_2012.jpgTore Strandvik, Professor in Marketing:

PhD students in Marketing are encouraged to early on create a plan and time schedule for their doctoral studies, including outlining which courses to include and how to conduct the doctoral thesis considering the general structure and regulations at Hanken... Read more


martikainen.jpgMinna Martikainen, Professor in Accounting

The courses provided in the Hanken PhD programme in accounting are almost 80% nationally co-organised courses with KATAJA / Graduate School of Accounting. Moreover, our students actively take part in international EIASM courses... Read more


Denise SalinDenise Salin, Professor in Management and Organisation

Doctoral students are strongly encouraged to publish and to present their work at international conferences during their doctoral studies.  More generally, there is a high level of international publishing in Management and Organisation with many articles, chapters and books being produced by faculty and researchers. Read more 


nari3_1.jpgNari Lee, Professor in Intellectual Property Law

A master’s degree specializing in intellectual property has been popular in Europe... Read more



Joakim Wincent, Professor in Entrepreneurship and Management
The major in entrepreneurship encourages PhD candidates to develop strong skills for a fruitful career in our field... Read more


timo_korkeamaki_1_1.jpgTimo Korkeamäki, Pentti Professor in Finance, Dean of Research

We treat PhD students as valued colleagues at the department... Read more




knif_johan2.jpgJohan Knif, Professor in Finance, Vaasa

A PhD in Finance from and accredited business school like Hanken opens up an international job market in academia, the corporate world, as well as in all areas of the global finance industry... Read more




topi_miettinen_789_kopia.jpgTopi Miettinen, Assistant Professor, Economics

The future prospects of PhDs in economics are good, especially if the students focus on topics where there is demand and interest outside academics... Read more


forskning handledning