International Patent Licensing Academy


is a leading global training program for patent licensing professionals. The program, organized in Helsinki, Finland, by IPR University Center (Finland), offers the unique combination of in-depth academic ambitions, and the leading leaders of the licensing world sharing their personal experiences. Helsinki in June, mid-night sun, and the opportunity to reflect, develop and build your experiences and competences about patent licensing create a memorable combination.

The participants will learn strategies and tactics for maximizing the success of R&D investment. The course will cover topics such as patenting strategies, patent portfolio management, patent licensing programs, patent licensing agreements, patent markets and patents in commercial agreements. The focus of the course will be on U.S.-style revenue-generating programs and strategies that companies use to defend themselves. The course will involve class room presentations and case studies.

The Academy is built around carefully designed morning sessions, optional afternoon program and building relationships with like-minded professionals. Within five business days, the Academy consist a basic program of 16 sessions. Together these sessions provide one the best and the most-effective programs for global patent licensing.

This unique course is targeting to be one of the best insights into the growing world of patent licensing. The lecturers include some of leading global names in the licensing industry.  The city center of Helsinki is a perfect venue for the program, with long June days and midnight sun creating a memorable experience.

The dean of Intellectual Patent Licensing Academy, Dr. Ilkka Rahnasto, is heading Patent Business of Nokia Technologies.

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