Personer Georgios Voulgaris

Georgios Voulgaris


Associate Professor (visiting)


Redovisning (Helsingfors)

Fil. dr, annat eller okänt utbildningsområde, University of Manchester, Storbritannien, 2011

Senaste publikationer
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Georgios Voulgaris, Konstantionos Stathopoulos2016,'The Importance of Shareholder Activism: The Case of Say-on-Pay',Corporate Governance: An International Review,vol. 24,no. 3,pp. 359-370.
Georgios Voulgaris, Konstantinos Stathopoulos, Martin Walker2015,'CEO Pay Contracts and IFRS Reconciliations',European Accounting Review,vol. 24,no. 1,pp. 63-93.
Georgios Voulgaris, Konstantinos Stathopoulos, Martin Walker2014,'IFRS and the Use of Accounting-Based Performance Measures in Executive Pay',The International Journal of Accounting,vol. 49,no. 4,pp. 479-514.