Research Insight/ Compustat

Företagsinformation sedan 1979.

Compustat är tillgänglig via WRDS plattform.

Standard Compustat databases have been expanded to include data history starting in 1979. This will initially provide up to 37 years of annual and quarterly fundamental data as well as monthly and daily market data.

Access Extensive Reporting & Modeling Capabilities

Reporting & Templates - Charting & Screening - Research & Analysis

Research Insight gives you access to over 300 predefined company and industry reports, enabling you to save time and add depth to your analysis. All reports and templates are available through the Open Report and Open Template menus within the Research Insight desktop and Microsoft Excel® add-in. Following are examples of the predefined reports and templates available in Research Insight:

•Company Fundamental Analysis - Realize results by executing in-depth, historical company analysis

•Debt Analysis - Easily evaluate risk by performing debt analysis to uncover investment opportunities

•Multiple Regression Analysis - Conduct effortless regression analysis helping you predict future performance

•Industry Specific Analysis - Extend analysis by benchmarking company operating performance relative to the rest of the industry

•Portfolio Analysis - Make intelligent investment decisions by assessing the relative market share of your portfolio

Efficient Data Integration

Proprietary & Third Party Data Integration-Custom Calculations-Model Development

Research Insight is fully customizable allowing you to realize new investment opportunities and conduct intelligent research and analysis. With Research Insight you can:

•Extend analysis by importing your own proprietary data and models into a user database

•Uncover new opportunities by formulating custom calculations

•Re-engineer your research by building complex models

•Broaden your analysis by developing queries using the thousands of data items, ratios and concept calculations available.