Hanken Teaching Day

Teaching Day är ett årligt seminarium om lärande och pedagogik för Hankens lärare, forskare och doktorander.

Hanken Teaching Day arrangeras i år i Helsingfors den 18.5.2017.

Programmet börjar kl. 11:00 och avslutas kl. 16:45.

Under dagen får vi en möjlighet att lära oss och dela med oss erfarenheter om teman som e-inlärning och webbaserad undervisning, samt delta i workshops om digitala inlärningsverktyg (tag med egen laptop om du vill testa verktygen).

Förmiddagen (kl.11-13) kan också följas med via live stream:

Det preliminära programmet:



Assembly hall/Aulan

Welcome Minna Martikainen

What’s Worked, What Hasn’t, and What Could Be: Thoughts from the Experiences of more than a Decade of Pedagogical Digitalization John Broussard, Rutger University, visiting professor at Hanken
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Using innovative learning methods and digital media in the course Affärsmodeller och TillväxtMikaela Krohn and Markus Wartiovaara

SPOCs: how spooky is it? Alona Chmilewsky

Amica Hanken


Group rooms

Workshops, parallell sessions 1

  1. Dream Broker - an easy-to-use cloud-based online video platform for creating, editing and sharing videos - Mikaela Krohn, room A304
  2. Office Mix - a free extension to PowerPoint that makes it easy to turn your presentations into interactive online lessons and share them with your students - Tricia Cleland Silva, room A306
  3. Quizzes in Moodle - design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions - Agnieszka Jach, room A406
  4. Kahoot - create a fun learning game, made from a series of multiple choice questions, to engage students - Lukas Lundin, room A408
  5. Skype for business - communications platform that enables online teaching, supervision, seminars and meetings, audio and video conferencing etc.
    Also other tools in Office 365 (e.g. Yammer) can be demonstrated by request - Tommy Nilsson, Kicka Lindroos, room A409
  6. Ubicast - video automation to produce interactive video content, such as lecture capture, MOOCs, e-Learning and event webcasting - Sampo Sauri, David Manrique, room A407



Group rooms

Workshops, parallell sessions 2

  1. DreamBroker
  2. Office Mix
  3. Quizzes in Moodle
  4. Kahoot
  5. Skype for business etc.
  6. Ubicast

Assembly hall/Aulan



What’s going on in Teaching Lab? - Susanna Taimitarha, Kicka Lindroos

Student union award for Language Course of the year and Advanced Course of the year in Helsinki and Vaasa SHS and SSHV

Wrap upMinna Martikainen