About the project

The Consumer Newsscape project is a one-year project funded by Helsingin Sanomain säätiö. The research is carried out at the CERS Centre for Relationship Management and Service Marketing at Hanken School of Economics, and in collaboration with Stockholm School of Economics.Research teamTore Strandvik, Professor, Hanken School of EconomicsMagnus Söderlund, Professor, Stockholm School of EconomicsJacob Mickelsson, Post-doctoral researcher, Hanken School of EconomicsMichaela Lipkin, PhD candidate, Hanken School of EconomicsDaniela Lipkin, project assistant For more information about the project, contact karl-jacob.mickelsson@hanken.fikarl-jacob.mickelsson@hanken.fikarl-jacob.mickelsson@hanken.fi karl-jacob.mickelsson@hanken.fikarl-jacob.mickelsson@hanken.fikarl-jacob.mickelsson@hanken.fi