Our Current Projects

A group of students and teachers at Hanken
Current projects at the center
  • Research on Sustainability, Good Governance and Impact Investing
    • “How to measure and analyse ESG information to support sustainable business?”. The project received a total of 200,000€ research funding from the Foundation for Economic Education for the time period 2020-2022.
  • Policy Advisory on Green and Impact Finance and the global standardisation of Sustainability Accounting
  • Publication of the Journal Financial Leadership Quarterly (from 2020 on)
  • Editorship of the Emerald Journal of Applied Accounting Research
  • Hosting Conferences in the area of Sustainability Finance, Accounting and Commercial Law (currently postponed because of the virus pandemic)
  • Preparing a joint 1-year Master programme on Sustainability Accounting and Impact Investing
  • Running the Quantum Lab – A high performance computing center with access to all relevant commercial databases including ESG data.
  • Contributing to the Nordic Corporate Governance Network