The opening of the HUMLOG Institute

The Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute has taken up its operations in September 2008. Albeit a young institute, its establishment followed a history of humanitarian logistics research at both the Hanken School of Economics and the National Defence University of Finland. Thus the opening of the HUMLOG Institute also marks the second anniversary of the establishment of the HUMLOG Group, an international research network in humanitarian logistics.

Opening seminar on Friday 12 December at the Hanken School of Economics, Auditorium Futurum, Arkadiankatu 22, Helsinki.





Marianne Stenius, Rector, Hanken School of Economics

The HUMLOG Institute from the NDU's Perspective

Hannu Kari, Research Director, National Defence University


The Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute - HUMLOG Institute

Gyöngyi Kovács, Director, HUMLOG Institute


Press conference

Coffee & refreshments


UNICEF Logistics and its Challenges

Pentti Kotoaro, Executive Director, UNICEF Finland


Security of Logistics Serving Finland and its Population

Hannu Sivonen, Senior Researcher, National Emergency Supply Agency

Coffee & refreshments


Supply Chain Disruptions - issues for business and humanitarian supply chains

Árni Halldórsson, Deputy Director of Supply Chain Research, University of Southhampton

12:30Closing discussion
























Thank you for participating in the seminar! Presentations can be downloaded below.