People at HUMLOG

Wojciech Piotrowicz

Director of the HUMLOG Institute

Associate Professor in Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Hanken



Research interests:

Wojciech joined the Humlog Institute in 2017, after over ten years at University of Oxford, UK. His is interested Supply Chain and logistics–related research in various contexts, such as humanitarian; retail; risk, conflicts and resilience; procurement; internationalisation, performance measurement and technology. Wojciech especially is focused on developing, emerging, countries and regions.

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Gyöngyi KovácsErkko Professor in Humanitarian Logistics, Hanken



Research interests:

Gyöngyi's research has focused on the areas of challenges and trends in humanitarian logistics, humanitarian supply chain design, innovation in humanitarian supply chains, and humanitarian logistics skills and competencies. She has also conducted research in sustainable supply chain management and research approaches in logistics. She led the HUMLOG Institute since its establishment in 2008 until 2014. Gyöngyi is currently involved in many of the HUMLOG Institute's ongoing research projects, as well as in a project related to wine supply chains.

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Daniel EkwallLecturer, Hanken & Senior Lecturer, University of Borås

Research interests:

Daniel Ekwall (Ph.D) is Associate Professor in logistics at the University of Borås, Associate Professor in Supply chain management at Swedish business school in Helsinki and also Associate Professor in Supply Chain Security at the Turku School of Economics. Daniel is also the former head of global security at DB Schenker. He has published articles in leading academic journals. . Daniel is currently doing research in logistics security, textile management and supply chain management.

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David GrantProfessor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Hanken; Professor of Logistics, Hull University Business School




Research interests:
David's research interests include customer service and satisfaction; services marketing and service quality; retail logistics; reverse, closed-loop and sustainable logistics; logistics and supply chain relationships; logistics in SMEs; and integration of logistics and marketing.

Highlighted publications :

  • Banomyong, R. and Grant, D.B. “Transport in humanitarian supply chains,” in G. Kovács, K. Spens, K. & I. Haavisto (Eds.) Supply Chain Management for Humanitarian: Tools for Practice, Kogan Page: London 2016, 191-208, ISBN 9780749474683.
  • Rafi-Ul-Shan, P.M., Perry, P. and Grant, D.B. “Managing sustainability in the fashion supply chain,” in Grant, D.B. (Ed.) Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Management: Case Study Collection, Kogan Page: London 2016, 273-283, ISBN 9780749475956.

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Arni HalldórssonProfessor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Hanken & Professor in supply chain management, Chalmers University of Technology


Research interests:
Arni's research focuses particularly on supplier relationship management, outsourcing, sustainable logistics, supply chain disruptions, and energy efficiency in supply chains.

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Graham HeaslipProfessor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Hanken 


Research interests:
Graham's research interests are in the intersections between global logistics / supply chain management, humanitarian logistics and organisational management development. His research and consultancy interests span mainstream commercial, defence and other public service contexts examining supply chain management, and operations management issues which impact on organisational effectiveness or innovative practices.

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Hlekiwe KachaliProject Leader

Research interests:

Hlekiwe Kachali is a practitioner and researcher in system dynamics of disaster resilience and recovery and humanitarian logistics.

Hlekiwe’s interests in system dynamics and resilience led to her working in the areas of global flows, conflict dynamics, mine action, emergency management, disaster risk reduction and information management in emergencies.

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Paul D. Larson

CN Professor of Supply Chain Management, University of Manitoba and Distinguished Senior Fellow/Professor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Hanken


Research interests:

Paul's research interests are supply chain sustainability, sustainable transportation, supplier diversity, consumer logistics, cultural dimensions in sustainability, and, of course, humanitarian logistics.

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Mohammad MoshtariPostdoctoral researcher, Hanken

Research interests:
Mohammad's main research interests are in supply chain management, inter-organizational relationships and humanitarian logistics. Currently, Mohammad investigates the antecedent factors influencing the relationships between international and local actors conducting humanitarian operations; a research project funded by Swiss National Science Foundation.

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Peter TathamProfessor of Humanitarian Logistics, Griffith Business School

Research interests:
Peter joined the faculty of Griffith University in July 2010 where he teaches and researches in humanitarian supply network management. Prior to that, he served in the UK Royal Navy for 35 years, and completed his doctoral thesis   which investigated the role of shared values within UK military supply networks at Cranfield University.

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Linda AnnalaDoctoral candidate, Hanken


Research interests:

Linda is interested in the sustainability of transnational technologies and innovations, and the political processes shaping the social constructions of technological development. Her PhD thesis focuses on the co-production of drinking water in Ethiopia and India, looking at the shifting meanings and material practices among public institutions, private actors and citizens in co-producing the basic human right, i.e. drinking water. In her future research, she will be looking into migration, and innovation for labor market integration; with a continuing interest in the challenges posed by historical institutions and unequal relations of power for developing inclusive innovations. Her PhD is situated in the disciplines of Corporate Responsibility, and Science, Technology and Society studies. Linda is also part of the Centre for Corporate Responsibility.

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Maria Ehrnström

Doctoral candidate, Hanken


Research interests:
Maria's research interest lies in the junction between local communities and global corporations. Her research setting is embedded in places where conflicts have emerged between global forestry companies and local communities in South America.

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Yewondwossen Tesfaye GemechuDoctoral candidate, Hanken


Research interests:
Yewondwossen’s research focuses on ’basic needs’ issues such as human rights, social justice, and quality of life in the accountability structures of development interventions. His basic areas of interest include Cross-Sector Partnerships (CSPs), NGOs’ role in international business, and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in developing countries.

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Magnus LarssonDoctoral candidate, Hanken

Research interests:

Magnus's main research interests focuse on the Environmental Impact of Humanitarian Logistics.

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Eija MeriläinenDoctoral candidate, Hanken


Research interests:
Eija studies the effects of top-down disaster relief activities on long-term resilience of disaster-affected communities. The focus of her research is on post-disaster reconstruction in urban contexts, particularly with respect to “informality”. She seeks to understand how the societal and global inequalities underlying disasters could be addressed in disaster relief. In 2015 Eija studied the aftermath of the Valparaíso fire of 2014 and before that the reconstruction of the 2010/2011 Christchurch earthquakes.

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Sabari Prasanna

Doctoral candidate, Hanken


Research interests:
Sabari's research interest is in the area of supply chain collaboration and sustainable supply chain management. His thesis focuses on how organizational culture influences supply chain collaboration in humanitarian context.

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Minchul SohnDoctoral candidate, Hanken

Research interests
Minchul's research interests include disaster logistic preparedness, on-going and regular humanitarian logistics, and principal-agent problem in agri supply chains. His thesis concerns the utilisation of climate-related information for seasonal resource mobilisation and its recurring practice. He received his master’s degree in logistics and operations management from Cardiff University, UK. Minchul has worked as a researcher in the Academy of Finland funded project SAFE-MET and DG ECHO funded project MELOGIC..

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Greta Steenvoorden

Doctoral candidate, Hanken


Research interests:
Greta's research interests include the mechanisms that support or alternatively hinder the inclusion of factory worker's perspectives in the Corporate Social Responsibility practices of the multinational corporations in the developing country context.

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Isabell StorsjöDoctoral candidate, Hanken


Research interests:
Isabell studies service supply chain management in the public sector. She is especially interested in the justice system, and other strictly regulated processes with intangible outcomes. Isabell aims to finish her thesis, which has the preliminary title “Expert interaction in service supply networks”, in 2017. She has worked for the project “Cascading Innovation Upstream the Supply Chain through Procurement Processes”, funded by the Erkko foundation.

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Caroline Sundgren

Doctoral candidate, Hanken


Research interests:

Caroline’s research interests are within in the area of sustainable supply chain management, closed-loop supply chains and energy efficiency in the supply chain. Her thesis will focus on food waste and on the different value recovery options.

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Tunca TabaklarPh. D., Hanken


Research interests:
Tunca is interested in humanitarian logistics, supply chain resilience and multimodal transportation. His thesis focuses on resilience and scalability in humanitarian supply chains.

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Virva Tuomala

Doctoral candidate, Hanken


Research interests:

Virva's interests are urban food insecurity and the food supply chain.

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Alain VaillancourtLecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Coventry university


Research interests:
Dr. Vaillancourt, is a Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management and affiliated to the HUMLOG Institute. His research area specializes in humanitarian logistics and supply chains with publications on disaster policies, logistics competencies and a thesis on material consolidation. Alain also has practical field experience in humanitarian logistics with NGOs and UN agencies both working on delivering executive trainings and working as a logistic manager.

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