Facilities and Services at the campuses

In addition to reading the Information for Incoming Exchange Students on the web, you are advised to familiarize yourself with other pages on the "Student" portal. Under "Information for students" /Master Students you will get an overview of the facilities and services provided. To clarify: Hanken's degree structure means integrated Bachelor and Master studies and every admitted student has the rigt to continue up to the master's degree. That is why the web link only mentions "Master Students".

Pages on the Hanken portal may also be useful.

Computer labs
Hanken provides students with a number of rooms where you have access to a computer at first come first served basis. The doors to computer labs are open in the day time (8 am-8 pm), and it is possible to get a key to some rooms against a deposit and fee totaling EUR 20 is charged. Consequently students are trusted to keep these labs in due order and to follow regulations set up.

Information on Hanken's facilities and services is provided during the Orientation Course. Hanken's library in Helsinki is located in the main building. Hanken's library in Vaasa is located in Palosaari (Brändö) - a bit outside the city centre -in the library of science, Tritonia, which is the library common for all the universities of Vaasa.

Other university libraries (Helsinki)
You may also use the services of other university libraries in Helsinki, you need just to show your Student Union ID-card (the Frank-card https://myfrank.fi/en/).

IB Bookstore
Hanken's photocopying centre, Intressebyrån (IB). IB is the stationer's where you can buy study supplies, papers and pens etc. in addition to teachers' handouts and compendia Photocopying machines are available and you can pre-pay copies at a "student price" .

Please notice that you have to pay yourself for the photocopying of all course-related written papers and assignments you have to hand in during the semester.

In Helsinki you will have your daily lunch at a student discount price in the Café Publicum in Helsinki on the ground floor. There is a choice of warm meals at a price of approx. EUR 2.60 and a buffet salad included. A cold salad plate is on the menu every day. Milk /juice and bread cost additional EUR 0.15/0.60/0.15. Sandwiches, snacks and other soft beverages are also available. You must always show your Student ID card, i.e. the Frank card to the cashier.

Opening hours 08.15 - 16.15
Warm meals are served 11.00 - 15.00

Student Restaurants in Vaasa offer very inexpensive lunches (about EUR 2.60) including bread and salad served between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The restaurants are located on the second floor of the Post Office Building, at Vaasa University and at the Faculty of Education (called 'Peffan'). At Hanken you find the small Café Hermes also serving a hot meal per day. You must always show your Student ID card, i.e. the Frank card to the cashier.

Possession of the the Frank card entitles you to student price meals also at other student cafeterias. By showing the Frank card you can eat at any student cafeteria in Helsinki and Vaasa. The Student cafeterias are open on Mondays - Fridays.