Panel 3: Multispecies Inclusivity in Business and Organizing (On-site and live stream)

Responsible Organising conference
Time: 13.30-15.00
Location: On-site and live stream

It is increasingly acknowledged that humans and nonhuman animals do not dwell in separate spheres; rather, they are entangled in a number of commercial or organizational settings in practice, and business and organization theory need to respond more comprehensively to this more-than-human shift in outlook.

This panel session will discuss aspects related to multispecies inclusivity at work and in organizations:

  • What might it mean for industry, business and organizations to more fully consider and include nonhuman animals?
  • Why would we want to include nonhuman species and what are some challenges?
  • Is there a space for multispecies companionship, solidarity, and mutual value creation today and in the future?

We welcome all interested to this session which will delve deeper into research and practical applications on this topic.

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Astrid Huopalainen is a senior lecturer and adjunct professor (title of docent) of Organization and Management at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Astrid’s research interests include posthumanist philosophical approaches, aesthetics, embodiment, and more-than-human organizing. She cares dearly about nonhuman animals in the world and takes pleasure in writing ‘differently.’ Her research has been published in journals including "Organization", "Culture and Organization", "Human Relations", "Gender, Work and Organization" and "ephemera".

Astrid Huopalainen

José-Carlos García-Rosell is a Senior Lecturer of Responsible Tourism Business at the University of Lapland. He also holds Associate Professor positions in Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism at Tampere University and the University of Maribor. José-Carlos works in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainable tourism business, Business Ethics, and Responsible Management Education. His current research agenda comprises three areas: human-animal relations, responsible tourism experiences and experiential learning.

His work has been published in various books and journals such as Journal of Business Ethics, Management Learning, Journal of Marketing Management and Journal of Sustainable Tourism among other journals. He is the principal investigator of the action area “Responsible Tourism Planning for Sustainable Business and Economies” which is part of the Academy of Finland's profiling research project “Balanced Tourism: Responsible Tourism Planning”. José-Carlos serves as an editorial member of Business & Society and The Finnish Journal of Tourism Research. He is also a board member of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) – Finland, a panel member of the advisory council of Fanimal and a jury member of Green Key Finland.

José-Carlos García-Rosell

 Linda Tallberg is Assistant Professor in Management and Organization at Hanken School of Economics, Finland. Her work focuses on creating an agenda for nonhuman animal inclusion in business and society and all her research focuses on questions of human-animal relations, multispecies methods, animal voice and ethics. She has published on these topics in journals such as "Work, Employment and Society", "Journal in Organizational Ethnography", "Management Learning", and "Journal of Business Ethics". Linda is Managing Editor at "Society & Animals: Journal of Human-Animal Studies" and recently published "The Oxford Handbook of Animal Organization Studies" - the first volume of its kind to explore a range of multispecies interactions through the lens of business, management, and organization, shedding new light on the impacts that human acts of organizing have on other forms of life.

Linda Tallberg