Play as an intervention tool for responsible decision-making

Track 3 - Gamifying for responsible decision-making and training. Workshop from 13:00 to 14:30

Join a customized 90-minute live-action role-play using play-based methods to show how organizational wrongdoing happens in decision-making environments!

The format of this workshop is focused 100% on learning by doing and will include a debriefing in the end to go through the session's learning.

Play-based methodologies allow strategy workers to explore varying options and alternative viewpoints in a safer environment and enable them to reach through fiction a new kind off access to strategic decision-making.

In this workshop, we use a role-play to show how differing goals challenge strategies, and how such challenges can be channeled into responsible, sustainable decisions with the right tools.

The workshop also functions as a playful approach to examining strategic discourses, and as an introduction on how to design similar tools in the participants' own work environments.


The workshop will be animated by Mikko Vesa, Associate Professor at Hanken School of Economics and Tuomas Harviainen, Associate Professor of Information Practices at Tampere University.


About the speakers:

J. Tuomas Harviainen (MTh, PhD, MBA) is Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media at Tampere University, Finland, and one of the editors of the journal Simulation & Gaming. While no longer directly affiliated with Hanken, Harviainen actively continues working with his former colleagues there, on topics such as municipal strategies, organizational gamification, and the ethics of video game monetization. His research has been published in venues such as Organization Studies, New Media & Society, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Documentation.

Mikko Vesa (PhD Econ) is an Assistant Professor at Hanken School of Economics. His research focuses on gamification, the late-modern ludic corporation and qualitative research methods with a focus on ethnography. His research has been published e.g. in Organization Studies, Journal of Business Ethics and Journal of Business Research.  The special issue on “Gamification – Concepts Consequences, and Critiques” that he co-edited is shortly forthcoming in the Journal of Management Inquiry. He is currently editing “Organizational Gamification: Theories and Practices of Ludified Work in Late Modernity” for Routledge due early 2020.