Changing Master's Degree Programme/Specialisation/track

Information about how master's degree students can change programme specialisation or specialisation track.

Please note that the information on this page is partially obsolete and is currently being updated.


It is possible to apply for changing a English master's degree programme to another, within the same study location.

If you want to switch programme, you should do the following:

  1. Before you can apply for change of programme you have to have completed studies at Hanken with good results.
  2. Contact the Admission Office providing the information to which Master's Degree programme you wish to change and a motivation letter expressing your reasons for wanting to change from one programme to another. Please also enclose a study plan where you describe how and when you aim to graduate from the new programme. Please, e-mail the motivation letter and study plan to
  3. The Admissions Office will inform the Programme coordinator for the Master's Degree Programme in question about your wish to change programme and send your motivation letter, your original application and enclosures as well as a transcript of your studies at Hanken for evaluation to the Programme coordinator.
  4. The Programme coordinator will determine whether you fulfill the academic requirements for the programme as well if there is space available on the programme in question. If the coordinatorwishes to, he or she can invite the applicant for a discussion about the possible switch.
  5. The Programme coordinator informs the Admissions Office via e-mail whether or not the switch has been approved. If the switch was approved, the Programme manager writes a signed approval confirming the switch which is e-mailed to the Admission Office. 
  6. If the application was approved by the Programme coordinator, the Director for Studies and Admissions will thereafter make the final decision concering the application and the Admission Services will notify you of the outcome of your application. If the application was approved the change of programme will be registred in the study register Sisu by the unit Studies and Admissions.

If you want to change programme between study locations you need to apply to the prefered programme through and follow the requirements listed there.

From January 1st 2023 and onwards, all requests for adjusting study right should be done following the instructions below. You may also already utilize this new application form now.

Changing to a different master's programme in English

If you currently study at a master's programme taught in English, you may request changing to a different programme, including changing study locations between Helsinki and Vaasa, via this e-form.

You must fulfil the same requirements as if you applied to the programme as an external applicant via the main admission round. However, you do not have to submit proof of English proficiency.

The deadline for submitting your request is the same as the deadline for applying to the master's programme. Your request will be processed following the schedule for external applicants. If approved, your study right will be adjusted the first day of the next academic year (normally 1.8).

In 2022, the tracks for the master's programme all became separate programmes. If you have a study right for a specialisation/track, your study right will be modified to match the new structure.