Gender Research Group

The Research Group on Gender Relations in Organisations, Management and Society

The Gender Research Group at Hanken was formed in 1999-2000, based in Department of Management and Organization.  Gender research group has monthly meetings in which ongoing research, papers and project ideas are discussed. The group is currently co-convened by Dr Annamari Tuori (annamari.tuori at


Gender Group meetings for Autumn 2018:

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• To facilitate research on gender relations in organisations, management, economy, society and culture.

• To produce social and societal analyses that place organisations, management and gender relations at the centre.

• To develop transnational and national research (doctoral, project and long-term) and scientific analyses of organisations and management that place gender relations at the centre.

• To faciltate interventions in organisation and management development that place gender relations at the centre.


The focus is on:

• Gender and economy

• Gender and international/transnational organisations and managements 

• Gender, information, technology and knowledge

• Gender, identities and culture