Incentive Compensation and Firm Performance

The course is held between April 9 and April 20, 2018. Please register for the course on Weboodi and Moodle using the course code 21016-CG. The syllabus can be found on Moodle.

Incentive compensation is a hot topic in today’s world. As we all know, Bengt Holmström received the Nobel Prize largely for his seminal contributions in this field. However, business organizations are rapidly changing due to advances in information processing technology, which will affect opportunities to utilize beneficial incentives.What do we currently know about incentives - what works, and what doesn’t? Professor Harley E. Ryan and his team in Atlanta have done extensive empirical research on this in the USA, a country that has an edge in the competition for global talent, a competition in which incentives play a decisive role. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the state of the art in this vibrant field from a world class expert and a superb teacher.

Harley E. "Chip" Ryan, Jr.SunTrust Professor of Capital Markets, Robinson College of Business