Perspectives on Digitalization of Public and Private Services

Tickets for the event can be purchased from the link at the bottom of the page. Registration will close on April 16th at 16.00. Make sure to register as soon as possible, as the number of participants is limited.

Digitalization is reshaping the world we live in. Both public and private services will


undergo a period of dramatic redesign to reap the benefits of the massive increase in information processing capacity modern technology provides. A major challenge will be to harness your organization for continuous change, picking up successful solutions and avoiding the ones that are likely to fail the test of the global market place. On April 20, HCCG is organizing a one-day excursion to Estonia to gain insight into how Estonia has managed to handle this challenge, in particular in the provision of public services but also in promoting successful private enterprises with a global reach. The focal point of the excursion will be the e-Estonia Showroom, which will showcase best practices and cutting-edge solutions for the future that businesses and governments alike can learn from.  At the Showroom, participants will be provided with first-hand information from leading Estonian experts in innovation, e-governance and digital technology.


On the way to Tallinn, Praveen Malla (PhD), Managing Director of LemonBridge Research, a boutique branding advisory firm based out of India, will discuss recent IT-developments in India and give his view on how Finnish firms best could promote their business in this vast and rapidly growing market. In addition to a long career as an IT-consultant (e.g. at Infosys), Malla has a broad academic background consisting of extensive studies in law, psychology, business and economics.


On the way back from Estonia, Harley E. Ryan, SunTrust Professor of Capital Markets at the Robinson College of Business, will share his insights on how Fintech will reshape financial markets. Among the first schools in the USA, Robinson College of Business recently introduced a Fintech lab for students, which allows them to explore the possibilities that disruptive technologies are opening up in the field of finance.   Programme – Friday, April 20, 2018:06.45 Meet-up at Länsiterminaali 2 (Tyynenmerenkatu 14, Helsinki)07.30 Tallink Silja Star, Helsinki – Tallinn

  • 07.30 Breakfast
  • 08.00 Praveen Malla: The Rapidly Growing Indian IT Capacity - Challenges and Opportunities

09.45 Bus to the e-Estonia Showroom10.30 e-Estonia Showroom

  • 10.30 Enter e-Estonia: Welcome to the World’s Most Advanced Digital Society
  • 11.30 e-Residency: Join the Digital Nation
  • 12.15 Lunch
  • 13.00 Data Exchange and Security: The Safest Combination
  • 13.30 Building the e-State: Present and the Future of Digitalization
  • 14.15 Fintech: Estonia’s Innovative Financial IT Systems and Services
  • 14.45 International Prospects: Modernizing Public Administration

15.30 Bus to the port of Tallinn16.30 Tallink Silja Star, Tallinn – Helsinki

  • 16.30 Dinner
  • 17.30 Harley E. Ryan: How Fintech Will Reshape Global Finance

18.30 Arrival in Helsinki