What happens at CERS?

Seminars, visiting lectures and other events in CERS. Welcome!


Spring 2020

Wed 16.1. Research seminar: Professor Stefanie Paluch. Room 2.10.

Wed 15.1. The Doctoral Progress Seminar. The place to be announced later.


Fall 2019


Mon 21.10. at 10.30-11.30 Research seminar: Professor Mary Jo Bitner. Room 2.25.

Thu 19.9. at 10.30-11.30 Seminar: Visions for the future CERS. Arkadia, Auditorium, bottom floor.

Wed 18.9. CERS 25th Anniversary Seminar at the Hanken Main building. Welcome!

Thu 29.8. at 15.00-16.00 Research talk: Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair, Shuili Du. Arkadia, Auditorium, bottom floor.


Spring 2019

Tue 16.4. at 10.00-11.30 Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen: Getting published (in JBR): Five Critical Incidents in the Review Process. F0.22 Auditorium Arkadia.

Mon 28.1. at 16.00 CERS Winter Party ❄️ at the Business Lab (Main building).


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Past events

Fall 2018

Thu 20.12. at 11.00 Associate Professor Maria Smirnova, St. Petersburg State University (Graduate School of Management): “The role of institutional factors in shaping servitization focus in innovation profile of Russian firms” Place: To be announced later.

Tue 11.12. at 10.30 Research Seminar with Professor Peter Verhoef, Groningen University. Room F0.22 (floor 0 in the Arkadia building, Hanken, Helsinki).

Mon 12.11. at 10.00 Assistant Professor Xiaoning Liang, Trinity Business School, The University of Dublin: "Measuring marketing performance: don’t settle for simple benchmarking". Room F2.10 (the small seminar room on the 2nd floor).

Mon 15.10. at 10.00 Manuscript seminar: M.Sc. Michaela Lipkin will present her doctoral thesis manuscript: Exploring the customer logic. Auditorium Arkadia, floor 0 in the Arkadia building, Hanken, Helsinki.

Tue 2.10. at 10.30-12.00 Research seminar with Associate Professor Dominik Mahr: "Seeing eye to eye: Using social Augmented Reality to scaffold shared decision making" and PhD candidate Martina Caic: "Programmed to Care: Social Robots in Elderly Care Services", both from Maastricht University. Place: F2.10 (seminar room)

Wed 26.9. at 15.00-16.00 Seminarium om ”Reflexivt ledarskap” med Mats Alvesson (In Swedish). Auditorium Futurum, Hanken i Helsingfors (Arkadiagatan 22). More information: https://www.hanken.fi/sv/node/1710846/

Wed 19.9. at 13.00 Ulla Särkikangas, PhD candidate at the University of Helsinki, will give a talk entitled “Customer activity in everyday use of social and healthcare services”. Room F2.10 (the small seminar room on the 2nd floor).

Wed-Thu 15.-16.8. Doctoral Colloquium in Marketing at Hanken. More information: Assoc. Prof. Johanna Gummerus and Prof. Veronica Liljander, and at http://www.kataja.eu/tutorials.

Tue 14.8. starting at 14.30 An informal get-together for CERS doctoral students. More information later from Annamari Huovinen.


Spring 2018

Thu 11.1. Doctoral Progress Seminar at the Dpt of Marketing. More information: Prof. Jaakko Aspara.

Fri 19.1. Doctoral Defence of MSc Sara Lindeman: "Early-phase market organizing in subsistence settings", in the auditorium Futurum, Hanken.

Fri 2.3. at 10.00 PhD Minna Pura and PhD Karl-Jacob Mickelsson on “Experiences and Results of Big Data Analytics: Play with friends, against machine or all alone?”, room F2.10 (small seminar room on the 2nd floor).

Tue 6.3. at 14.30-15.30 MSc. Sigge Birkenfalk: "Mot en förnyad 
syn på marknadskommunikation: Från budskapslogik till mottagarlogik" (in Swedish), room F2.10 (small seminar room on the 2nd floor).

Thu 22.3. at 13.00 Associate Professor Johanna Gummerus: “Game-changers: Dynamic capabilities’ influence on service ecosystems”, room F2.10 (small seminar room on the 2nd floor).

Mon 14.5. at 13.00 PhD Gustav Medberg on “Netnography in Service Research: Opportunities and Challenges”, room F2.10 (small seminar room on the 2nd floor).

Tue 15.5. Hanken Teaching Day. Hanken Helsinki & online.

Thu 24.5. at 10.00 Doctoral Student Anna Abramova on “Sales process as a platform for customer value creation”, room F2.10 (small seminar room on the 2nd floor).


Fall 2017

Tue 12.9. at 13-14 CERS coordinator Annamari Huovinen: "Media training for marketing scholars" in the ground floor (0 floor) classroom.

Wed 20.9. at 10.00 Prof. Judith Zolkiewski from Alliance Manchester Business School will give a research seminar in the seminar room on the 2nd floor.

Mon 25.9. at 10.00 Dr. Marek Gnusowski’s seminar will take place in the large seminar room downstairs (floor 0) with the topic “Quality of legal services from individual consumer perspective”. 

Wed 11.10. at 10.00-11.30 Prof. Leyland Pitt from Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, talks on the topic “The prosthetic generation is all around us: Feelings and emotions about knee replacement surgery and their impact on overall sentiment”. The seminar will take place in the large seminar room (Arkadia room, level 0).

Thu 12.10. at 10.00-11.30: Workshop about personal research strategy for PhD students and postdocs by Professor Leyland Pitt. The workshop will take place at the 2nd floor seminar room at the Dpt. of Marketing.

Wed 18.10. at 14.00-15.30 Workshop about journal publishing for PhD students and postdocs by Professor Leyland Pitt. The workshop will take place at the 2nd floor seminar room at the Dpt. of Marketing.

Thu 19.10. at 13.00-16.00 The closing seminar of the Brand New project at Futurum, Hanken. More about the project and the seminar program.

Thu 19.10. at 15.00-16.30 Prof. Nicholas Ind from Kristiania University College will give a talk on sustainable branding in the large seminar room downstairs (Arkadia room, floor 0).

Tue 24.10. at 10.00-11.30 Doctoral Student Stephane Thion will present his work on “Drivers of consumer’s engagement in value co-creation” in a Research seminar in the Arkadia room, floor 0.

Fri 3.11. at 10.15-11.45 Prof. Luísa Cláudia Lopes Agante from the University of Porto will give a Doctoral research seminar as a part of her ERASMUS visit to Hanken in the seminar room on the 2nd floor. Her presentation will be on research on consumer behavior.

Wed 8.11. at 15.00 Dr. Claudia Henninger (University of Manchester): "Circularity across the supply chain - sustainability in fashion”, room E-107.

Mon 4.12. at 10.00 Valeriia Chernikova (applicant to the Doctoral program): “The role of unstructured data in marketing analytics”, room F2.10

Mon 11.12. at 10.00 Doctoral Student Sonja Ingman: “Organizational identity diversity in B2B services”, room F2.10

Mon 11.12. at 11.00 Doctoral Student Dao Phuong: “Disruptive innovations in the digital era: the Finnish high-tech startups case”, room F2.10.

Thu 14.12. at 10.15 Professor Martin Wetzels (Maastricht University): “Unveiling What Is Written in the Stars: Analyzing Explicit, Implicit, and Discourse Patterns of Sentiment in Social Media”, room F2.10 (small seminar room on the 2nd floor).


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