Kurser Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation II

21026 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation II , 5 sp

Advanced studies
Teaching language

The course deepens the students’ knowledge about corporate fundamental analysis. The course covers tools of financial analysis, including methods of evaluating accounting quality and corporate performance. Special focus is also on preparing financial statements for valuation models by making accounting adjustments. The prospective analysis incorporates forecasted financial statements, company valuation and sensitivity analysis producing a wide and profound view of the company’s current state and future prospects.

This course builds on and extends concepts covered in Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation I. Students will be expected to have mastered these concepts and be able to apply them in this course.

Learning Goal

You have knowledge and skills to work as a financial analyst analyzing companies’ financial statements and strategies and their effects on company value.

After completing the course, you will be able to
  • critically examine firm strategies and financial statements when forecasting the future development of a firm’s earnings and cash flows
  • analyze in depth the contents of financial statements to identify accounting red flags and make accounting adjustments
  • value the firm profoundly based on the firm strategies, financial statements, future prospects
  • incorporate sensitivity analysis in valuation
International Learning Experience

International cases in the class

Target Group

Accounting Majors, students within the Financial Analysis and Business Development programme and incoming exchange students only.

Limited Number of Participants

Maximum 80 students in order of enrolment due to the course being conducted together with PwC.


Bachelor thesis (21001), Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation I (21025) or equivalent knowledge, and at least three financial accounting courses completed.

Incoming exchange students: at least three financial accounting courses completed.


Lectures, cases and class discussions

Total Student Workload

134 hours divided into
Scheduled hours: 8 h lectures and 15 h presentations
Non-scheduled work: 111 h


Course Work 100 % (defined more precisely in the class)

  • Palepu, K., Healy, P. & Peek, E. (2016): Business Analysis and Valuation, IFRS edition. Thomson South-Western. 4th edition (main book in the course)
  • Other course and reading material assigned by the instructor.