21024 Financial Problem Solving in Business, 5 sp

Fördjupade studier

The course provides a hands-on problem solving experience for students. Students analyze a real life business problem, conduct and apply relevant research into the problem in question. Students also are presenting professionally the results to the evaluation jury including representatives from academics and business life.


You have the knowledge and skills needed for finding sound solutions to company problems based on financial reporting and accounting information.

Efter avlagd kurs kan du: 
  • efficiently view how specific kind of problems of the company can be solved using accounting information.
  • operate in most productive way as a team member
  • report and present the results professionally. 

The focus of the course is problem solving in an international business environment.


Only Hanken degree students with accounting as their major or students within the FADB specialisation.


Bachelor thesis (21001). At least three financial accounting courses.

Studerandes totala arbetsmängd: 

134 hours divided into
Scheduled (contact hours): 15 h
Non-scheduled work: 119 h


Group meetings, research, the midterm report, the final report and presentation.

Litteratur och undervisningsmaterial: 

Course and reading material assigned by the instructor.

Examination och bedömning: 

Problem solving midterm report (30%)
Final report (50%)
Final presentation (20%)

Deltagarantal och begränsningssätt: 

Max 20 students due to collaboration with KPMG and case work.

Students sign up for the course through Weboodi. The 20 most advanced accounting major students (based on previous study records) are selected to the course.

Rekommenderad tidpunkt: 

Second year of master's studies.

Motsvarande kurser: 

Students who have completed the earlier course Financial Problme Solving in Business (6 ECTS, course code 21003) cannot take this course.

Ytterligare information: 

The course timetable is dependent on external partners.

The registration for the course ends two weeks prior.