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23.11.2016 10:10
The next step of development for digital news is that it is being tied back to the user's immediate surroundings and everyday activities. Microlocality,


22.11.2016 – By Jacob Mickelsson

5-second-summary-blog3.pngHow do news link to the things that actually happen around us in our everyday lives? Sometimes we think about news as interpreting the world around us, but keeping the events at arms distance. What does this mean? For example, a news story about the block where you live is directly related to your life, but the events in the story have been interpreted and generalized by a reporter to suit a broad audience, and so the story does not feel like it has to do with you personally. Moreover, most news stories aren’t about your neighborhood. Digital services, however, have the potential of tying news directly to your own life: Your interests, your immediate surroundings, and your interaction with the world around you. However, to understand this phenomenon requires a little background on how digital services have developed.

The first major result of digitalization seemed to be that services became separated from our physical surroundings. You did not need to go to the bank to manage your accounts anymore, and you did not need to go to a store to buy electronics or clothes – you could just order them through a device in your home. But currently, we are experiencing a new and still ongoing step of development: After the initial shift to a non-physical and locationless digital services, we are now paradoxically being reconnected to our immediate physical surroundings. What does this mean?